Session 2

The One With That Total Normal Farm

After Grandar communed with the spirits, we spent the night in the Mystic’s cave. Grandar had a fitful night of dream-haunted half-sleep. In the morning we made our way home, going north to avoid potentially running into the dragon. We passed a small farm in the plains on the way back to Vellen, but otherwise nothing of consequence happened on the trip.

Once we arrived back at the Green Dragon Travern, we gave the townspeople of Vellen the news of our travels. Harelia went to talk to Yago, encouraging him to talk about his past. Yago told her that he was once part of a mercenary company along with Gowan, the owner of the Green Dragon. He said that they left the group after a fellow mercenary named Tannis had gotten greedy and changed the moral focus of the unit. Yago met his wife, Ellowen, Helga’s mother, in Darok, a small town a weeks’ travel south. Ellowen’s only family still in Darok, since her brother died two years past, is a sister named Nara. Yago tells Harelia that Helga was born shortly after their arrival in Vellen, further arousing Harelia’s suspicion that Helga could be a “child born to brother and sister”. Were this the case, Helga’s blood would be a spell component for opening a portal to the realm of the dead, which could have been Marok’s motive for kidnapping her. Later, after talking to Ellowen, Harelia agreed to take some letters to her sister in Darok.

After night fell, Falorin took Seraphina and Harelia out into the dark to see the glowing crystal. Harelia noted that similar artifacts are sometimes used to open portals.

Upon hearing from Harelia that Yago once knew a man named Tannis, Grandar went to speak to Yago himself. Yago told Grandar that the last time he saw Tannis was when their mercenary unit got attacked by a troll and Tannis abandoned them. He said that the troll bridge was a couple days south east of Vellen, and that Hirogi could tell him more about it. The next morning, Grandar went to Hirogi who agreed to take us to the troll bridge for 5gp, which Harelia paid willingly.

We set out for the troll bridge, eventually coming to a place in the road where there had been a rock slide. It appeared that a bandit had been crushed under one of the rocks and a large, clawed creature had dug the body out. We found it unsettling and carried on.

We reached a split in the path. Hirogi told us that the bridge was about a thirty minute walk into the woods to the left, and that the right path lead to Hrogath about 6 hours away. On the path to the troll bridge, we were ambushed by a giant cock, that nearly killed us before fleeing. Falorin scouted out ahead to the troll bridge, noting several fresh clawed footprints. We decided to go back to the road and take it around to Hrogath.

In Hrogath, Harelia looked around for information about Olin-Gasir. She found a book vendor named Drathos in a bar. He sold her a book on the history of the northern lands, and in turn, Harelia helped him translate an elven text that speaks of an “oracle”, not a person, but a place. The text said that the oracle is an island within a lake that prevents passage and obscures the waters. The island is a vehicle to transport one from this world to another. It is found in the “lands of mist”, the north-most lands that are wrought with fog and giants, and can bring you what you desire most.

Immediately upon waking the next morning, Harelia and Falorin discovered that their rooms had been gone through in the night. The vile of oath-breaker’s spit and the finger bones had been stolen from Harelia’s room. The only evidence the intruder left behind was a black feather under the bed. We asked the other lodgers if they had any items stolen. A gem merchant said she had an emerald, ruby and moonstone, which glowed in the moonlight, stolen. We found another black feather in her room. The bar keep, Gortham, said someone paid him to look the other way. After some coercion, he told us that the man was tall “for a human” and wearing scout armor, with a scar under his right eye, and black hair, greying at the temples. Gortham was not happy about being interrogated and threatened to get us back.

In our search for more evidence of the thief, we got the bright idea to ask at the temple of the God-Emporer about the symbol we found on the desiccated children in the creepy forest. Grandar was taken to a back room and trapped within the church. With some effort, Harelia and Seraphina were able to extricate him, and we made an escape as the acolytes worked to entrap us. After that, we got the hell out of town.



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