Half-Elf, Wild-Magic Sorceress


Once upon a time there was a little girl named Harelia. She was just a normal half-elf girl, until one day, when she say a child trapped in the rapids of a rushing river, tumbling towards the deadly falls. Paying no heed to her own safety, Harelia dove in and saved the child. Unbeknownst to Harelia, this was no ordinary child, but the daughter of the Fey Goddess Who Shall Not Be Named. As thanks for saving her daughter, the Goddess Who Shall Not Be Named bestowed Harelia untamed magical powers.

From that day forth, Harelia became obsessed with both honing her magical ability and saving people, ever in search for that next deity’s favor. Somewhere in her travels, she ran into the Furbolg Maple and a half-elf named Seraphina. As they were worshipers of the Goddess Who Shall Not Be Named, and Harelia was graced by said Goddess, they became companions.


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